Étude & Innovation

Research and innovation

A qualified team to guide you towards innovation…from the idea to the design.

Our R&D department is dedicated to the industrialisation and co-development of parts, tools and processes, in order to provide you with innovative and customised solutions.

Étude & Innovation

From an idea, a concept, a drawing or a specification, our R&D department meets your design requirements in terms of quality, quantity and functionality. Our CAD and R&D experts define your needs and turn your projects into reality by providing a global and personalised response to your expectations.

In partnership with our customers, we design the parts to make their industrialisation as efficient as possible. We draw the parts in 3D and define the dimensional and geometric dimensions during the 2D layout.

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Rheological and structural studies can be conducted to optimise your plastic parts for injection moulding and enhance their mechanical strength.

Whether it is a cube mould, a stack mould, an unscrewing or a rotary base mould, we seek the best solutions to develop high quality and functional parts.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we are able to create the entire process to automate the production of our customers' plastic parts. From robotic systems and grippers to control and assembly equipments, we use our ingenuity and technical expertise to master all aspects of the industrialisation of your thermoplastic parts.

  • Design and industrialization of parts, subassemblies and processes with Creo 7.0 
  • Design and layout of tools with Creo 7.0 
  • Rheological studies with Moldflow
  • Mechanical studies with Inventor Nastran

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