A major economic sector in France, the building sector includes not only construction work but also interior design work. Thermoplastic parts must therefore meet multiple criteria.

EMI carries out comprehensive tests to measure the wear, resistance and water tightness of plastic parts used in this sector. Additional customisation services allow us to provide functional solutions that add value to the final product.

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Our customer is an independent family business leader in the field of metal construction and the supply of products for the construction industry.

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In order to design their technical assembly, our customer wanted to find a partner who could provide a cost effective solution for the functionalization of its part. Because of the use of the part in a triple glazing system, the mutual mobility of the two parts mounted together had to be guaranteed in order to absorb the dispersions and expansions of the glazing.

The process also had to take into account the existence of different assembly versions.


We have developed an injection moulding process that includes a multicavity tooling, manufactured on-site and integrating 3 versions of parts of different lengths. The tooling kinematics are very precise to allow the assembly by automatic sliding mechanism in the tooling.

The integration of this assembly technology has allowed us to reduce manufacturing steps and therefore optimise production costs. The repeatability of the process at high speed has also been made possible by the automation of the mechanical sliding directly in the injection moulding phase. To ensure the resistance of the assembly, moisture conditionning has been integrated at the end of the injection process.

  • In-house tooling development 
  • Automatic assembly in the tooling by sliding mechanism 
  • Optimised production on 100 t injection moulding machine 
  • Moisture conditionning 

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