EMI is a family business located in Alsace, in the three border region between France, Germany and Switzerland. It is an expert in the processing of thermoplastic and composite materials, in the manufacture of tools and in the development of customised assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Since 1995, the Alsace-based company has been working with its clients and investing in ambitious projects. Strong knowledge in its field of activity and an instinct for challenge enable EMI to think differently and provide its clients with innovative solutions.

Société EMI Wissler

Company History

  1. 1995 1995 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Creation of EMI

    Launch of the EMI adventure by Jean-Pierre Wissler, following the steps of his father Eugène Wissler, in a 1,300 m² factory located in Neuwiller with 5 employees.

  2. 1999 1999 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    ISO 9001 certification

    First ISO 9001 certification, acknowledging the constant concern for quality and customer satisfaction.

  3. 2002 2002 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Bi-material injection moulding

    Acquisition of the first bi-material injection moulding machine, announcing the beginning of the investment policy in the development and improvement of injection techniques.

  4. 2006 2006 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    New industrial site in Hésingue – UL certification

    The company moves to larger premises, the first sign of EMI's growing activity.

    Obtaining of the international UL safety and quality certification, symbolising the international dimension of EMI's markets.

  5. 2008 2008 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Creation of an assembly unit – management and organisation consolidated

    Installation of an assembly unit demonstrating EMI's desire to develop parts with high added value.

    Strengthening of the EMI teams and organisation of the company by departments.

  6. 2010 2010 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Extension of a manufacturing unit – creation of the test and measurement laboratory

    Expansion of the industrial area to increase the daily production.

    Installation of an on-site measurement and testing laboratory, reaffirming quality as a central concern for EMI.

  7. 2012 2012 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Tri-material injection moulding

    Acquisition of the first tri-material injection moulding machine, marking a new turning point in the complexity and innovation of injected thermoplastic parts.

  8. 2013 2013 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Launch of the R&D center

    Integration of a R&D center to participate in the co-development of parts and provide innovative solutions to its partners.

  9. 2015 2015 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Hybrid injection moulding (Organosheet)

    Start of the investigation and use of composite materials for a research project. Development of a unique and innovative serial process of thermoforming and overmoulding in a single operation.

  10. 2016 2016 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Installation of an ISO 8 clean room

    Installation of an ISO 8 clean room, reflecting the mastering of the demanding processes required for the medical and paramedical sectors.

    The first step in a long series of investments in these branches.

  11. 2018 2018 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    New facilities in Saint-Louis Neuweg - ISO 14001 certification

    The entire company moves to the new 17,000 m² custom-built 4.0 premises, the second marker of EMI's growing activity.

    Obtaining ISO 14001 certification, a guarantee of EMI's commitment to the environment and a symbol of the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

  12. 2019 2019 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Acquisition of Trolitan

    Buyout of the plastic injection moulding company Trolitan by the Wissler family, the first step towards external growth.

  13. 2020 2020 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Installation of a grey area and a complete ISO 8 process

    Establishment of a 350 m² grey area to enhance the clean process, marking the second phase of investment in specialised and standardised equipment.

  14. 2021 2021 - Historique - EMI Wissler

    Installation of 5 silos for raw materials - MuCell technology

    Installation of 5 silos for raw material, which means a gain in stock autonomy and reduced ecological impact.

    Development of the first complete on-site MuCell project, a new stage in the ongoing search for innovation.

  15. 2022 2022 - Historique - EMI Wissler


    Consolidation of our production in a clean environment by carrying out actions under laminar flow in the mobile ISO 8 cleanroom directly in the heart of the production workshop.

    Obtaining of the EcoVadis bronze medal validating the environmental, sustainable and societal actions deployed within the company.



million € turnover in 2023


% of turnover reinvested each year




languages mastered


hours of training in 2023


m² of building space




injection moulding machines from 35 to 700 t in mono, bi and tri-material


main lines of business


% of production exported


At EMI, our mission is to accompany and guide you through the 360° Full Plastic Concept to exceed your expectations, anticipating your needs and providing technically ingenious solutions adapted to your requirements.

We work every day to develop and satisfy:

Our customers

by providing them with reliable products and services, in a reliable timeframe ad with irreproachable quality

Our staff

by maintaining them in a highly skilled, professional, safe and motivating environment

Our company

by enusirng management based on human values and respect for the environment

Our partners

by including them in the orientation and continuous search for improvements

Our executives

by maintaining good financial health and rewarding performance, with a supportive social climate

Interactive map

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Interactive map


Discover our factory by visiting the different departments of the company.


Preparation area, direct access to loading docks, preparation of shipments in masked time thanks to 2 AGVs, reception room for drivers all help optimise loading times and therefore deliveries.

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Measuring 10 m high and 3 m in diameter, made of aluminium, each holding 27 t of material, these 5 silos allow improved supply management, reduction in CO2 emissions, reduced unloading and stock entry times as well as a decrease of waste and a continuous supply of raw materials.

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From the centre of the mechanical workshop, windowed offices allow supervision and CAM-programming of all the wire-cut and die-sinking EDM machines, 5-axis CNC milling machines, laser welding and 3D measurement.

The maintenance workshop is equipped with a cleaning machine, an ultrasonic cleaner, dry ice blaster, and a stock of spare parts for machines and tools.

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Raw material unloading dock, shelving on three levels spread over 2,200 m², manipulator for bags, raw material bins, octabins and handling system to transfer the raw material to the centralised conveying system optimise the organisation and achievement of tasks to the maximum.

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2 AGVs dedicated to the 4,000 m² warehouse for storage on 3 levels, pallet identification station, and pallet wrapping machine indicating the storage location to the Autopilot thanks to the ERP and according to the FIFO system, pallet or empty packaging distributor optimise and secure the storage, and increase the automation of tasks.

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Equipped with automatic and semi-automatic assembly machines, manual assembly stations, inkjet and pad printing machines, as well as ultrasonic welding and camera inspection machines, it is an area exclusively dedicated to the customisation and assembly of assemblies and sub-assemblies for components with high added value.

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A delimited area of 350 m², equipped with airlocks for supervised accessof staff and material, special protective equipment (head caps, disposable beard covers), an ISO 8 clean room, an injection moulding machine and a robotized enclosure under laminar flow, plastic pallets and tools dedicated for this area.

Adjacent to this zone, a dedicated material distribution center supplies exclusively the grey zone with raw material.

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It includes the Welcome Desk, HR, Accounting, Purchasing, IT, Quality, Project, Research, Sales, Communication and General Management departments.

The two story building is composed of offices, meeting rooms and open space. Directly linked to the injection moulding workshop, the administrative centre benefits from from a fast and operational connection with the production.

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Equipped with coordinate-measuring machinemachines, optical measuring machines, a contourograph, climatic chambers, a tensile machine and a melt flow index machine, the laboratory, which is directly linked to the injection moulding workshop, allows for quality control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from pre-project to series production.

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Fireproof area dedicated to the storage of our partners' tooling. This secure area is equipped with fireproof doors that resist flames for 2 hours.

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The 4.0 injection workshop is equipped withreal-time production monitoring screens and flexible automatic conveying system with automatic manifolds for material-machine allocation of thermoplastic raw material.

Anti-noise wall covering, air recycling and cooling system, centralized vacuum system for cleaning at the frontof each moulding machine and AGVs enhance working conditions and the automation of tasks.

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Vision EMI


Aiming for excellence, remaining the quality reference in our sector and tackling technical challenges by offering ever more innovative solutions as a long-term partner.

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Corporate identity


to overcome all challenges


by respecting the people, policies and company rules

State of mind

by developing positive thinking and encouraging confidence

Team spirit

because great projects are never achieved alone, we perform together every day

Participative leadership

by listening, challenging our achievements and taking into account our shared experiences

Professional equality

Professional equality

Created in 2018, the professional equality index between women and men helps to fight against gender salary inequalities. Mandatory in all companies with at least 50 employees, the index is calculated from 4 to 5 indicators giving a score of up to 100. If the result obtained is less than 75, the company will have to implement actions in order to reach at least this score.

Already strongly committed to this approach, EMI publishes its index with a score of 89/100. The company will try to improve this score every year.

CODIR 2021_EMI.jpg

Executive Committee

With eight members, EMI'sExecutive Committee is formedby the three members of the Wissler family, representing the functions of President, Executive Director and Project and R&D Manager, as well as five other members from the Industrial, Project, Production, Mechanical and Sales Departments.

The Board is responsible for the company's strategy, and acts with the goal of developing collective performance in order to exceed the sum of individual performance.