A team of measurement technicians to guarantee the quality of your parts…from the idea to the measurement.

Our metrology experts guarantee, in our in-house laboratory,, an optimal quality of measurements throughout the project thanks to shared measurement protocols and equipments adapted to your needs.


Structured and equipped with modern and flexible instruments, our measurement and testing laboratory will help you in test, measure, qualify and validate your parts and tools.

Our team of Metrologists is an integral part of the Project Team and supports you in the qualification of your products. Trained in the reading and interpretation of ISO GPS standards, they are able to propose a measurement strategy adapted to the precision of your products. Our team is also trained in statistical tools for process capability (Cp/Cpk) and measurement capability (R&R).

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The measurement and testing laboratory has the experience and potential to acquire fixtures that can be used to run measurement programs in masked time for high speed or repetitive measurements. We are also able to carry out 3D surface scanning adapted to the analysis of complex or warped parts and tools. We can rely on regional partners for additional analysis and measurements.

In addition to conventional testing equipment, the measurement and testing laboratory is well suited to validate with you the dimensional and functional conformity of the products as well as the capability of the processes:

  • Three-dimensional measurements by touch point probing and continuous scanning (MITUTOYO Crysta Apex)
  • Optical three-dimensional measurements (OGP Smartscope)
  • Precision profile measurements (Contourograph MAHR)
  • Tensile and compression strength testing (ZWICK ROELL 10kN measuring system)
  • Moisture measurement equipment (AQUATRAC) and flow rate MFI/MVR (ZWICK ROELL) for thermoplastic materials 
  • Laboratory climatic chambers (CLIMATS) with rapid variation of hot/cold/moisture temperature

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