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Do you know about the 5S method?



Originating in Japan, this method was made famous by its implementation in Toyota production plants.
It consists of 5 actions, each represented by a Japanese word beginning with an S: Seiri (Eliminate), Seiton (Tidy up), Seiso (Clean), Seiketsu (Standardise), Shitsuke (Respect).

The 5S are part of the quality and continuous improvement processes of many companies, by increasing efficiency and improving the working environment through tidying.
A real tool that is essential to any performance and optimisation approach, it applies equally well in factories, offices and even in the private sphere.

Initiated in 2017, EMI deploys the 5S method every year in the industrial workshop as well as in the offices. This approach is essential for increasing productivity, improving safety and increasing employee satisfaction.


Méthode 5S