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Actualités - EMI

Did you know that organosheets can play a crucial role in reducing vehicle weight?

Infographics 25/04/2024

At a time when electric cars ⚡ could soon be affected by the ❌ weight-based malus, carmakers are looking for innovative solutions 🚀 to...

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Optimising our energy resources

Various 04/04/2024

As a manufacturer committed to sustainable solutions ♻️ we are developing more efficient practices and investing in innovative technologies to...

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Are you familiar with the QD/QI/QO/QP validation steps?

Infographics 21/03/2024

In the medical industry ⚕️ the quality and conformity of parts are essential to guarantee the safety ⛑️ of patients. Each manufacturing...

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International Women's Rights Day

Various 08/03/2024

On this International Women's Rights Day, EMI is celebrating women 🌟 and thanking all its female employees for their commitment...

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New in our workshop: a system for marking labels on cardboard

Various 29/02/2024

Placed directly on the injection processes, this inkjet printing system enables the information required for part traceability to be printed...

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TPE: an innovative material

Infographics 15/02/2024

As an alternative to using rubber or silicone gaskets, we offer our customers the option of integrating TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) into the...

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5,768 hours of training in 2023

Various 01/02/2024

5,768 is the number of hours of training 🎓 given to our employees in 2023. Because a company's success is largely down to its employees...

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EMI welcomes you to 2024!

Various 03/01/2024

All the teams are back and ready for the new year!

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