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Actualités - EMI

Focus on the organosheet

Infographics 13/10/2022

Today the EMI experts give you details about the organosheet.

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Focus on electric injection presses

Infographics 21/09/2021

50% of EMI's machinery is made up of electric presses.

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Focus on the instruments used by EMI's metrologists

Infographics 22/06/2021

Structured and equipped with modern and flexible means, our measurement and testing laboratory accompanies you to test, measure, qualify and...

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Do you know MuCell technology?

Infographics 25/05/2021

Next week, EMI will receive its first 400 t press equipped with MuCell technology.

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Polymer grades

Infographics 01/04/2021

The term "plastic" is commonly used to designate products made of polymer, but did you know that there are different grades of material...

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Focus on bi-material injection

Infographics 16/02/2021

EMI experts inform you today about bi-material injection.

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Focus on tool maintenance

Infographics 19/01/2021

Carried out regularly, tool maintenance is essential for the efficient processes running and the warranty of optimum part quality.

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Word of the day : rheology

Infographics 15/12/2020

Rheology, which comes from the ancient Greek rhéō "flow" and lógos "study", was introduced in 1928 by Eugene...

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